Accounting and Bookkeeping and Payroll Are Critical Business Services.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Accounting for Your Business is Critical!

We offer accounting and bookkeeping services to Nature Coast, The Tampa Bay Area, and The Greater Central Florida Area to help you meet your obligations and remain compliant. We offer accounting and bookkeeping on your software or ours. We can also set up and train you and your associates on how to use QuickBooks. Please inquire about our offer for discounted QuickBooks plans.


Let our experienced professionals help you transition main business functions like accounting, finance, and operations so that you can focus on growing your market share.

Attestation and Audit Services

CFO Services

Our team will integrate within your business and run operations alongside your team in functional areas such as accounting and bookkeeping and finance. We can help you build from the ground up or expand through mergers and acquisitions. This can free up significant resources in your organization so that your team can focus on growing the business.

At Ntelly, Inc. we explore the strategic advantages of incorporating your business in the USA with our latest guide.

Organizational Structure

Choosing your organizational structure is a foundational question, similar to how you choose your travel method to a faraway destination – you can opt for a road trip, a quick flight, or you could take a train. You may reach your goal in all of the above, but the journey will differ. We can guide you on centralized or decentralized decision making, a long or short chain of command, to name a few.


The competitive field is changing at a rapid pace. New players are embracing cutting-edge technologies, digitization, and automation. Your team needs help developing a new tool kit. We do a deep dive into your way of doing business to understand your mission and help you secure your new strategy.

Innovation and Strategy

Make innovation a fundamental part of your strategy. Our team helps you build the framework for your company to incorporate innovation into your daily routine. We help you design go-to-market products that create value for your customers and increase your bottom line.

Finance And Strategy

Our transparent Services Such as Accounting and Bookkeeping are a Perfect fit For Solopreneurs, small businesses, And startups.

With one single Profit and Loss statement or weekly cash flow calls, we support your business needs. Most of our current customers allowed us to work on a project, became repeat customers, and increasingly trusted us with larger, more impactful ones.

Hiring a finance and accounting team can cost over $200,000 annually in wages and benefits alone. Our starting $500 / month package ensures you have visibility into your business. Each month you will have a P&L, a Cash Flow, and an Assets and Liabilities report. Additionally, we review your processes and make recommendations that increase your efficiencies significantly.


Payroll Preparation Services

The IRS penalizes companies from Fortune 500 to 1-person shops for making payroll deposit mistakes. If you are handing payroll yourself, here is the list of most common items to watch for when preparing payroll:

1. Missing Tax Deadlines
2. Improperly Categorizing Employees as Independent Contractors
3. Not Issuing or Reporting Tax Documents (1099s and W2s)
4. Calculating Net Pay Incorrectly
5. Not Filing Reports Quarterly or Annually
6. Not Tracking or Paying Overtime
7. Failing to Repay Non-exempt Employees for Time Spent at Required Functions
8. Failing to Pay Employees Recovering from Work-Related Injuries
9. Failing to Stay Updated on Payroll Legalities
10. Ignoring or Missing Garnish Requests
11. Failing to Recognize Miscellaneous Cash or Gift Cards in Employee Income
12. Incomplete Records


Our payroll is guaranteed for errors and omissions. We offer Live and after-the-fact (ATF) employee payroll, including check printing, direct deposit, e-filing quarterly and yearly employment tax forms, and e-filing Forms W-2 and 1099-MISC.



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