Accounting and Payroll Bundles:
Empowering Success as a Self-Employed.

Learn More About Our Accounting and payroll For Self-Employed.

Industry experts help you focus on growing your business with packages that are all-Inclusive accounting and payroll for self employed.

Scale Your Business with smart accounting packages.

1. Business Formation

  • We help you select the right corporate structure for your business. Many business owners use the wrong structure and lose money and opportunities. 
  • We will form your LLC and file the appropriate state fees.
  • We will file your S Corporation Election. In some cases, it is less beneficial to elect S Corporation. 
  • Write your operating agreement.
  • Obtain your EIN.
  • Obtain Employer registration.
  • Act as your registered agent.
  • File your annual report.

2. Self Employed Bookkeeping

  • We will set up your chart of accounts. Based on the industry you operate in, the Chart of accounts is the back bone of your books and it needs to be properly set up.
  • Set up your vendors.
  • We will categorize your business transactions on a monthly basis.
  • We will provide expert reporting to help you analyze your business.
  • We will complete account reconciliations on a monthly basis.

3. Self Employed Accounting

  • Month-end close to ensure your books are perfect and you are capturing and locking each period’s financial performance. 
  • Assist with loan documents as needed.
  • Process journal entries and payroll. We can advise on the apropriate amount of wages and bonus. 

4. Self Employed Payroll

  • Unlimited payroll runs each period.
  • Issue 1099s and W2.
  • Prepare and file quarterly payroll returns.

5. Self Employed Taxes

  • ACH or check payment for all your taxes.
  • Quarterly tax calculations and payments.
  • File your business income tax return.

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Everything you need to run your business in one affordable monthly package. Our self-employed accounting and payroll services are 100% tax deductible and typically pay for themselves quickly.



We help you decide on the optimal corporate structure.



Tax Savings

We calculate your tax savings and confirm your corporate structure will deliver the best results. 



File LLC

We organize and form/file your LLC with the state.




We set up your books. If you chose to use our software, there are no additional costs. You can also bring your own subscription. 




We file your taxes. 




$ 269
  • Your Software or Ours
  • Self Employed Bookkeeping
  • Self Employed Accounting
Save 15% when paid annually



$ 299
  • All in Assist +
  • Self Employed Payroll
  • Self Employed Taxes
Save 15% when paid annually

All Inclusive


$ 339
  • All in Partner +
  • Business Formation
  • Registered Agent
Save 15% when paid annually

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Keep Accurate Records of Income and Expenses.
One of the most important aspects of self-employed accounting is keeping accurate records of income and expenses. This includes tracking all revenue streams, such as sales, services, and investments, as well as any expenses incurred in running the business, such as rent, utilities, and employee salaries. It’s important to keep detailed records of all transactions, including receipts and invoices, to ensure that all income and expenses are properly accounted for. This will not only help with tax preparation but also provide valuable insights into the financial health of the business.

Separate Personal and Business Finances.
One of the most important steps in self-employed accounting is to separate personal and business finances. This means opening a separate bank account and using it exclusively for all business transactions. It’s also important to obtain a separate credit card for the business and use it only for business expenses. This not only helps with accurate record-keeping but also protects personal assets in case of legal or financial issues with the business. Keeping personal and business finances separate is a crucial aspect of self-employed accounting and should be implemented from the start of the business.

Everything you need to run your business in one affordable monthly package. Our self-employed accounting and payroll services are 100% tax deductible and typically pay for themselves quickly.

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